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We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for an exceptional programmer to join the team – which is currently two full-timers and a band of freelance designers and programmers. The Dextrous Web was founded with a specific mission in mind. We want to build exemplary, smart web projects for the public sector. We think that Government can get much more […]

WordPress Docs

With a couple of days between projects, I had a chance to work on my latest 20% project. RailsAPI‘s sdoc format is very nice in that it allows searching over all methods and classes, and is generally an intuitive way of doing things. WordPress is full of PHPDoc comments, the Codex is invaluable, and of […]

Testimonial (DH, Peter Simmonds)

When I came across the Dextrous Web I was in a fix. My website needed migrating at the speed of light – and they saved my bacon. Throughout a hugely pressurised process, Dextrous Web remained constructive and good-humoured, offering sound advice and displaying reassuring mastery of their trade. Peter Simmonds Digital Project Manager Department of […]

Posty – our new gem for geolocation in Ruby

Just last week Ordnance Survey released a tonne of data. This is of course a wonderful thing for everybody, and software making use of this data has only started appearing in the past week. This morning, in fact, we noticed a gem, pat by Stef Lewandowski which uses Pezholio/Stuart Harrison’s very useful UK Postcodes. We […]

Testimonial: Consultation team (IPSA)

It’s not an exaggeration to say that we couldn’t have done this work without Dextrous Web, and it’s been a real pleasure working with you on both a professional and a personal level. Consultation team Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority

Finally: the new site is ready

It’s taken us a long time to get around to it, but we’ve finally managed to get our new site done. It’s strange, but as a web agency, your own site often seems to be the lowest priority. We’ve been busy with client work and short deadlines, and finding time for our own stuff has […]

Migrating from Gitorious to Gitosis

Gitorious is very nice for social coding, and I thought it would be perfect for us at first. Apparently its git cloning is not quite adequate for us, as we need git pulling and git pushing and some of those cloning shouldn’t be able to write (such as deploy users). Since we decided Gitorious wasn’t […]

Testimonial: Emma Mulqueeny

From the moment I met Dextrous Web, I was delighted that people as talented and committed to agile web development had decided to brave the task of applying their talents to the public sector. To date, the Dextrous Web have perpetuated that delight by sponsoring and participating in events like Rewired State, contributing to government […]

Testimonial: William Heath

Dextrous Web have the full skill set. They completely understand contemporary web applications, take their work very seriously and provide rapid common-sense service cheerfully. I’d definitely recommend them. William Heath Founder, Kable