Helping the British Film Institute share its story


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Our blog platform provided a window into the delivery of BFI’s new 10 year strategy

The British Film Institute (BFI) wanted an open and transparent way to share its experiences as it delivers a new 10 year strategy, Screen Culture 2033

The BFI is the leading organisation for film and television in the UK. To support their commitment to working openly and being digital-first, they asked us to create a blog platform to provide a window into the delivery of Screen Culture 2033.

What we created

The blog will be used to tell the story of how the organisation, a cultural charity, will advance knowledge, collections, programmes, National Lottery distribution and leadership with the aim of building a diverse UK screen culture that benefits everyone.

Developed by our GovPress team, the self-contained blog has been built on the same dxw-supported platform that is used by the Government Digital Service (GDS) to host blogs across government. The platform provides the BFI with an opportunity to engage its audiences across the UK, creating a space for two-way conversations and feedback.

As our strategy evolves, the blog will provide a way for the BFI’s key stakeholders, governors, industry partners and Film Audience Network to share their experiences throughout the delivery of the ten-year strategy. It felt right for us to use an existing blogging platform that is robust and underpinned by great design, and our digital team has benefitted from dxw’s expertise and experience throughout the project.

Catheryne Littlejohns, Head of Digital Production and Transformation at the British Film

Why this platform was the best fit

We’ve been operating the GDS blog platform since 2013 and knew it would be perfect for what the BFI needed to achieve. For the blog’s administrators, the platform is secure, easy-to-use and streamlines the content management process. Its design puts the needs of users front and centre and ensures accessibility. 

The platform has been used to put blogging at the forefront of engagement with the public over the last ten years, and iteratively improved over that period to meet changing needs.

What we did

Taking inspiration from BFI’s Screen Culture 2023 strategy, we worked closely with the BFI team to update the look and feel of the blogging platform to fit with the public image the organisation wanted to project. Starting with basic sketches and gradually increasing in fidelity, we prototyped design options for the BFI team to review and feedback on, gradually working towards the final design approach.

With the functionality and service features already in place, we applied the agreed designs to the blogging platform to create a service that allows the BFI to create content intuitively. The platform is fully accessible to the WCAG 2.1AA standard to ensure content can reach all users, no matter what access needs they may have.