Design is an integral part of our product development process. Whether we’re creating a new service or redesigning an existing one, we make sure our team works closely with you and your users. We use wireframing, co-design workshops and prototyping to build user-friendly, functional and beautiful products.

Screenshot of TVHA website


We facilitate co-design workshops to translate user needs into something that can be tested with real users. The workshops involve all members of the development team as well as stakeholders and users of the service we’re building.

We look at different user journeys and sketch out the user needs we have identified so we can begin to see the shape of what the service could look like.


We use prototypes to explore ideas, test the edges of a problem and to draw a picture of how we think a user need can be met.

Early prototypes can be on paper, but we usually create prototypes in code so we can test with users at the earliest opportunity. Prototyping during development also helps us test different design patterns and new features.