UX Brighton: Advancing Research

Earlier this month, a few of us from the user research team went on a seaside field trip for UX Brighton. The conference theme was ‘Advancing Research’, a topic very relevant to our work at dxw digital, so here are a few thoughts from the conference. 1. We need to go beyond user needs  Whilst […]

Q&A Fridays Recap: DevOps

Last month we ran our second Twitter Q&A, with the topic of DevOps. Our in-house expert was our Senior Operations Engineer and co-organiser of DevOpsDays London, Bob Walker. Technical operations (ops) is responsible for the provisioning, deployment, and essential maintenance of digital services. The dxw digital ops team explains, “Having in-house operations at dxw digital […]

Flying the flag for agile development

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is responsible for the UK ship register. You might know it if you have a yacht or a dingy. The register isn’t just for boats in the UK though. Large commercial vessels that sail around the world still have a home country for whom they “fly the flag”- and […]

Local Government as a Platform

Last week we were lucky enough to be able to talk at the Public Sector Digital Transformation Forum about Local Government as a Platform, and more specifically, using GOV.UK Pay in local government services. The phrase Government as a Platform is not universally understood, The Government Digital Service describes it as: … a new way […]

Introducing Ming

Hello everyone, my name is Ming. I started working at dxw digital as a designer two months ago. My background I was born and bred in Hong Kong. I started my career as a programmer in some banks in Hong Kong and then I moved on to become a web designer and engaged in a […]

Introducing Steph

Hi, I’m Steph. I have been working at dxw digital as the Office Assistant for 8 weeks now and loving every part of it! I’m thinking back to my very first day when I came into the office and found a computer screen filled with warm welcome notes from the dxw digital team. I had never […]

DevOps London

Last month I attended a 2-day conference called DevOpsDays London and also spoke to delegates on the dxw digital stand. At the conference, Kate Whalen spoke about how to filter unimportant notifications in her talk titled, ‘How to Leverage AWS Features to Secure and Centrally Monitor Your Accounts’. She suggested creating your own custom dashboard […]

Sponsoring the Ravenscourt Park Rangers

We are excited to announce that dxw digital is sponsoring one of London’s newest football teams, Ravenscourt Park Rangers FC! Also known as RPR FC, the team is made up of a variety of diverse individuals, including charity workers, actors, writers, designers, coders, lawyers, music managers, Deliveroo drivers, doctors, artists, and students. They plan on […]