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Making product ownership a priority

It’s important that the organisations dxw digital work with have full ownership over the product and its outcomes, particularly by the time we finish our work with them. That means taking responsibility for the full end-to-end service across different channels. Product ownership is essential for successfully delivering services that meet user needs, as well as […]

OneTeamGov Wellbeing Camp recap

A couple of weeks ago (during our own dxw wellbeing weeks) I attended the One Team Gov (OTG) Wellbeing camp. I’m so happy I did. It was the first time I had been at a conference where everyone really seemed to have the same goal (no, not getting out of the office for a day) […]

Wellbeing weeks roundup

Some highlights from our wellbeing weeks at dxw The past 2 weeks at dxw have been filled with activities which support the wellbeing of our team. We’ve had the opportunity to enjoy painting and drawing classes, board games, singing, dumpling making, free gym and yoga sessions, and more. It’s been pretty inspiring watching our dxw […]

Redesigning the Department of Health and Social Care Intranet homepage

We recently worked with the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) to redesign their intranet homepage to make it work better for users across the department – around 3,000 people per month – and to increase flexibility for the admin users of the site. It launched last week. We worked with the team at […]

The power of institutional memory

A lack of institutional memory can hamper attempts to build new services, products or organisations. Too often, valuable insight and research is lost over time and the danger is that teams are destined to repeat the same costly mistakes over and over again. Time is wasted replicating or duplicating what went before instead of trying […]

4 steps to improve your digital maturity – our work with North Lincolnshire council

dxw recently completed a project with North Lincolnshire council to assess their digital maturity. Councils are large organisations that deliver a huge number of services to their residents and businesses, so understanding how well set up the environment is to deliver meaningful change is an incredibly valuable exercise. North Lincolnshire had 3 main aims from […]

Good questions to kick off a discovery

When dxw digital start a new project, we usually run a roadmapping session with the organisation we’re working with. To structure the session we use a set of questions proposed by Jamie Arnold. These questions work well for alphas and betas where we know we’re designing and making a service. We’ve found that they don’t work […]

Our approach to measuring digital capability and why it’s important

What is digital maturity? We work with public sector organisations to help them understand their digital maturity. What digital maturity means to us is the capability of an organisation to design and deliver change that meets their goals and the needs of their users. It’s about both people – the skills and capabilities that an […]