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Barclays Bikes gem

Harry Marr (GoCardless) has made barclays_bikes: a cool little gem that scrapes the Barclays Cycle Hire website and gives you a command line interface to get the number of bikes and free spaces available at each docking station. For example, $ bbikes Gives the full list of London’s docking stations and $ bbikes Borough Gives you […]

How Alphagov might change UK government for the better

Alphagov. It’s here, it’s great, and if it’s taken forward, it will herald a great deal of positive change. Not just on the web, but in the way that government does things – and that will bring harder challenges. There’s lots in Alphagov to be pleased about. It’s not perfect, but as an attempt to […]

Indian Hack Day

The Hack Day that we participated in in India was great. A real experience. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of it. In the end, there wasn’t a lot of time for much hacking, but we had fantastic conversations about India’s problems and projects. Chief among the Indian projects was some amazing mapping and […]

Dextrous Web to join PM’s delegation to India

I’m honoured and delighted to have been asked to join the PM’s delegation for his visit to India next week, in order to participate in a hack day with Indian developers in Bangalore. This should be a great event — we’ll actually only have 4 hours for the hacking, but hopefully we’ll be able to […]

Testimonial: Anne Steer

Dextrous web worked very efficiently under a very tight schedule. They made constructive suggestions to the website content and design which the Inquest team found helpful. They gave clear training for updating the website, and gave patient support to the Inquest team during the early stages of website updating. The few website glitches that appeared […]

The great big website bonfire

So, the Coalition is going to close lots of unnecessary government websites. Hurrah. The Web Rationalisation project has been going for quite some time and though it’s not without its problems, it’s broadly a good thing. The coalition seems to be taking it up with renewed vigour, which is great. But making websites is cheaper […]

We’re Hiring!

We’re looking for an exceptional programmer to join the team – which is currently two full-timers and a band of freelance designers and programmers. The Dextrous Web was founded with a specific mission in mind. We want to build exemplary, smart web projects for the public sector. We think that Government can get much more […]

WordPress Docs

With a couple of days between projects, I had a chance to work on my latest 20% project. RailsAPI‘s sdoc format is very nice in that it allows searching over all methods and classes, and is generally an intuitive way of doing things. WordPress is full of PHPDoc comments, the Codex is invaluable, and of […]

Testimonial (DH, Peter Simmonds)

When I came across the Dextrous Web I was in a fix. My website needed migrating at the speed of light – and they saved my bacon. Throughout a hugely pressurised process, Dextrous Web remained constructive and good-humoured, offering sound advice and displaying reassuring mastery of their trade. Peter Simmonds Digital Project Manager Department of […]

Posty – our new gem for geolocation in Ruby

Just last week Ordnance Survey released a tonne of data. This is of course a wonderful thing for everybody, and software making use of this data has only started appearing in the past week. This morning, in fact, we noticed a gem, pat by Stef Lewandowski which uses Pezholio/Stuart Harrison’s very useful UK Postcodes. We […]