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DFID Procurement Opportunities

One of the things that I mentioned in our last post was the lack of RSS feeds for various parts of the DFID’s new website. Today, someone else picked up the same point in a Twitter update. This is just the kind of thing we like to do, so we knocked up a script to […]

DFID’s New Website

The Department for International Development have been working on their new website for a long time. The old one was certainly in need of attention, so it’s great that the new one has finally launched, and is a vast improvement. The site is really nicely designed. It’s clean and uncluttered, and the navigation is nicely […]


At last, we have a website. We have more plans for it. We’ll have a section to show off some of our work, and we’ll put up more stuff explaining what we do. Time, though, is precious, and we’d rather spend it on our clients: so those things can wait for another day. We’re going […]