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Our dxw wellbeing weeks

We’re always thinking about how we can help keep our team happy and healthy. We think it’s really important to encourage a sustainable pace of work and a healthy work-life balance. As the company has grown, we want to look again at what we’re able to offer, so we decided to hold a wellbeing week […]

The hopes, fears and reality of a new working mom

Better than expected Someone said that a woman is reborn when her baby arrives. It’s true! That’s without adding work to the mix. I only started getting to know this new me when I had to go back to work. It has been almost 4 months since I returned to work as a user researcher […]

Summer workshops at dxw

Join us for our series of summer workshops at our London office in Shoreditch’s Hoxton Square. These will take place in the afternoons from 1-4pm. Each workshop focuses on one of the key skills or capabilities that form an important part of the mix in making transformation a reality in organisations across the public sector. […]

dxw welcomes the updated Government Service Standard

At dxw digital we have helped lots of public sector teams to create services that meet the previous Digital Service Standard and to pass their service assessments. This includes things like the Department for Education’s Teaching Vacancies, Crown Commercial Services’ Report Management Information and Hackney Council’s Report a Repair. We’ve been closely following and contributing […]

Researching and designing for vulnerable groups

Making sure the services we help to create work for everyone is really important to us at dxw digital. Research and design will sometimes include working with vulnerable groups. These could be individuals who are vulnerable for any number of reasons – age, disability, an abusive relationship, a form of marginalisation, unequal power relationships in […]

One stressed product manager, and the magic number 3

Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be some sort of obsession with the number 3. Some of the greatest movies are trilogies (Lord of the Rings, no arguments there). Harry Potter had a Triwizard tournament. France had Three Musketeers. There’s a really useful liberating structure called Troika Consulting based on working in 3’s… […]

How we do marketing and comms at dxw

It’s over 3 months now since I joined dxw digital. Having spent a lot of that time encouraging my colleagues to blog more, it’s about time that I did. A bit about me My career has mostly been in and around central government. I started in some policy and ops roles, but have spent most […]