Our expert teams can run workshops onsite with you, or at our own offices.  We work with groups at all levels including senior leaders, digital teams and with different specialisms. We’ll tailor what we do to meet your needs.

Please get in touch if you’d like to find out more.



We can run individual – or a series of – workshops. These will help you understand where your organisation is now, where you need to be, and how to get there. They include (but aren’t limited to):


  • defining your vision and goals, and developing a shared understanding of the issues and desired outcomes
  • assessing your digital capability
  • turning your vision into a practical plan, using techniques like roadmapping
  • setting up an agile portfolio
  • specialist courses, for example, on the Government Service Standard or Local Digital Declaration 





User research

We can provide bespoke training support for teams with different levels of user research experience, including:


  • a half day introduction to user research: what it is, its part in agile working, and how to get teams involved 
  • a longer 3 day introduction for people who will be doing user research
  • additional half or full days of coaching and next level training on specific topics


We offer workshops on the following themes that can be customised to your team’s needs:


  • prototyping for non-designers
  • how to run a design critique
  • sketching: getting ideas out of your brain and onto paper


We can offer a range of technology workshops, including:


  • how to build a culture for good incident response and follow-up for technical teams and leadership teams 
  • an introduction to making good use of the cloud and taking an infrastructure as code approach
  • an introduction to modern development practices, followed by pairing with your team to help embed them

Some of the workshops we’ve run…

Making user research count

This workshop was for people who do user research already, but wanted their activities to have more impact. We covered:


  • creating good research questions to guide your work
  • doing solid analysis and communicating clear findings
  • handling common objections to user research

Prototyping for non-designers

This workshop was for people who aren’t designers, to help them turn ideas into something that can be tested with users.


We spent a day doing a series of practical exercises that took attendees through the steps to create a prototype using tools they already know. Find out more on our blog.

What makes a good roadmap?

Roadmaps help you plot a course for your organisation and teams by focusing on goals and outcomes rather than outputs, deliverables and dates.


This workshop, run by our leading industry experts, explored the different techniques for developing roadmaps that create real value.

Incident response: failure happens, how you deal with it is important

This workshop was for people working in technical operations roles. We covered:


  • how to determine whether an incident is taking place
  • responding to an incident while it is happening
  • what to do once an incident’s over

Turning vision into achievable objectives and actions

We facilitated an all-day strategy workshop with the DG Cities leadership team, using a logical framework to discuss and gain consensus on the main areas of focus for the organisation.


The workshop delivered a set of outcomes that will contribute to achieving their vision, and a clear view of the work that needs to be prioritised to meet them.

Building capability through delivery with Croydon council

This workshop helped to develop a shared understanding of how working in multidisciplinary teams will deliver better services.


We included a hopes and fears exercise, followed by roadmapping to set out prioritised actions to turn the organisation’s vision into reality. Find out more on our blog.