Barney’s work experience at dxw

Hi, I’m Barney and I have just finished an immensely useful two weeks of work experience at dxw. After completing my first year of university, I knew I wanted to use the summer holiday to garner some experience in the world of work. However, given how exciting and social my year as a fresher had been, the thought of working in a bland, oppressive office did not appeal. Thankfully, this was not the case at dxw. Perhaps because of the cozy office; perhaps because of the friendly and approachable nature of everyone here; or perhaps for some other reason entirely, dxw feels less like a place you have to work, and more like a place you want to work.

Throughout my time at dxw I did a variety of jobs. These ranged from mindless: taking out the recycling, rearranging drawers – to rather more taxing and complex: compiling an updated list of client contacts by emailing a multitude of people and cross-comparing documentation. I feel having this range and diversity of work is crucial in developing adaptability, which is a hugely useful asset.

dxw’s size is the main reason I found my time here so useful. Last year, I did similar work experience at another digital company. What separated my time there from my time here at dxw was how simultaneously large and claustrophobic it was. The comparatively small scale and casual atmosphere of dxw makes it far easier to absorb information about the company and those working within it, and to bounce around ideas. For these reasons, I feel it has proved both more useful and insightful than any past work experience.

I leave dxw feeling confident that this brief endeavour has equipped me with an insight not only into the world of work, but also the world of digital. I’m thankful to those who helped me get the most out of this opportunity, and to those who gave me this opportunity in the first place.

We have a full schedule of work experience candidates currently but if you are interested in applying for work experience in the future, please submit a CV and cover letter.