Introducing work experience at dxw

For many years, we have been approached by companies asking if we are willing to take on students for work experience and interns new to the industry who are looking for their first job. Until now we haven’t had enough time to give work experiencers or interns the kind of attention we’d like.  We wanted to have the time to spend with anyone who came on board to make sure they got something worthwhile out of the experience, rather than just making the tea.

We have recently got to a size where we feel this is more possible and are in the process of having our first three forays into work experience at dxw. We are attempting to give a range of tasks, including the more traditional research, filing, office tidying, along with the more in-depth work like sanitising data between different internal systems and following up clients for information.

We are also keen to include opportunities to shadow members of staff for those who are interested in our bread and butter – digital services, coding, product management and user research – and not just looking for the overall office experience. We’ve made blogging part of the experience as it’s an important skill, so we will have a series of feedback blogs from our temporary team members over the next few weeks.

We believe that people should be paid to work so everyone receives a stipend based on the apprentice minimum wage to cover travel, lunch and to reward the work they do for us. For anyone who goes on to work for us for a longer period as a temporary worker we support Living Wage rather than Minimum Wage.

We have a full schedule of work experience candidates currently but if you are interested in applying for work experience in the future, please submit a CV and cover letter.