What do we do to make dxw a great place to work?

I’m really chuffed that we won the Best Place to Work (SME) award at the Digital Tech Leaders Awards last week. At the awards dinner, one of our dining companions asked why dxw is a good place to work. I think the answer has two parts.

The principles

I believe that a team does its best work when it is comfortable, well-rested, and presented with a manageable amount of work that’s within its ability to deliver.

Teams that are presented with impossible challenges cannot meet them. We try to ensure that for every project, we build a team that has the right skills and experience for the job.

In our sales process, we choose what to bid for quite carefully. We try to avoid selling more work than can be delivered by the team we have (because we work at a sustainable pace).

We try to ensure that the work we win is interesting and fulfilling, so that the people on the team are always developing and growing in their roles.

In order to do good work, teams need to be comfortable and feel safe. This is partly about the physical environment and creature comforts, but also about a sense of control. It’s unlikely that someone will feel comfortable working in a place where they have no influence over the environment or the way things get done.

We also take the time to get new staff off to a good start – a process which we review and iterate with each new starter. We provide new tools when requested and promote learning through book buying, our conference perk and making time for people to attend meetups and other role-specific conferences.

At dxw, we make decisions about how we work together. And when someone has a request that they feel would make their job easier to do, we do our best to say yes.

The practical

Over the years, we’ve made lots of decisions together about what the company should offer, and — despite our growth — we’ve sustained lots of the policies that we had when we only had 5 or 6 people on the team.

Here are some examples:

In general, we’re doing our best to create an environment where people can feel like a part of a bigger family, where they can grow professionally and personally and can take on challenging, rewarding work.

We’re very humbled about winning last week’s award. We were up against some tough competition, and it’s really exciting to have been recognised publicly for something that often feels like internal, company-focussed work.

We’d like to thank the judges very much for choosing us!