Introducing Dominic Baggott

Hi, I’m Dom, and a couple of weeks ago I joined dxw as Head of Technology.

I’ve been contracting for the best part of a decade, working with clients in both the public and private sector for anywhere between six weeks and 18 months. Some of my most rewarding roles in that time have been those where I’ve been able to lead or build a team. So when Dave and Harry asked if I’d be interested in joining permanently to do that at dxw, I obviously said yes!

My first experience working with dxw was at the start of January, on an eight-week contract at Hackney Council. We put their resident facing repairs service into beta and did a short piece of discovery into the needs of the repairs service call centre staff.

The team were great to work with, and I was immediately impressed by the way dxw helps everyone balance on-site client work and being a part of the larger dxw team by reserving one day each week for the whole team to come back from client projects and work together. I also really liked that dxw clients are public sector teams. Working in the public sector can often be frustratingly slow and fraught with bad technology habits, but the public good we can do by delivering great services and helping public sector teams make better decisions about technology makes for a very rewarding mission.

I’m filling Ben’s shoes, dxw’s first Head of Technology who left at the start of April. Ben spent a year building strong relationships with everyone in the team and I have to live up to that. Ben also built some really good foundations that we can build on, and I’m excited to work with the team to make the most of it – I hope one of our next big achievements will be to hire our first junior developers.

I expect my first month will be a bit of a blur of getting to know the team and our clients, but after that, I should have learnt enough to make some longer-term plans. When I’ve done that, I’ll be back here to share them.