A new MD for dxw

It’s ten years since I founded dxw. In that time, we’ve grown from humble beginnings to a full-fledged team of 40 brilliant developers, designers, product managers, delivery leads, user researchers, operations engineers and leaders.

As the scope and scale of dxw’s work has evolved, I have found myself drawn to the more strategic challenges that we and the public sector face. But the day to day running of dxw left very little time to consider these questions, or to plan for our future.

I’m also drawn to the idea of starting things. Our ambition is broad: we have big, hairy audacious goals! The next ten years of our journey won’t just be about digital service delivery. They’ll involve a broader set of services to help the public sector adapt to the new normal. I’m keen to get started on that work, and to make sure that dxw’s overarching strategy continues to align with our mission and values.

So, I’m delighted to announce that Dave Mann has taken over from me as dxw’s Managing Director.

Dave joined dxw in July 2015 as our Head of Strategy, with a remit to help the company grow and expand our portfolio of work. In the years since, he has gradually taken on more responsibility for the company’s day to day operations and performance. For the last year, we have essentially been running the company together.

This has given me the space to co-found Tradecraft, to work on dxw’s long-term business plan and strategy and to involve myself more in wider public sector thinking, such as TechUK’s Central Government Council.

dxw has a growing team, client work of significant scale and importance, strong financial performance and ambitious plans for our continued growth. dxw is now a mature business with its own culture and identity, empowered and capable management and a passionate team doing great work.

I’m very excited about our future. Here’s to the next ten years!