Introducing Kimmy

A little bit about myself and why I chose dxw…


Hi, I’m Kimmy,  dxw’s new Business Operations Intern. Having recently entered the workplace after spending time looking after my father, I am now branching out as an intern at dxw. I have found that the work I do with dxw suits me well, the people are focussed, dedicated and hard working, despite the relaxed atmosphere in the office which is something that ultimately drew me to the role.

How did you find out about the role?

MyTVH logo

I’m a Thames Valley Housing (TVH) resident and I’d heard of dxw through their work developing MyTVH  I’m a huge fan of this service and use it regularly to pay rent and bills. The news that there is an app in the works is something that I find really exciting!

I found out about this role when I got in contact with the Thames Valley Housing team who helped me shape my CV and gave me some assistance in my job search. They soon spotted an internship opportunity with dxw and the job specification stood out to me above all the rest so I decided to go for it.

Career goals? What does the future hold?

In October, I started a British Sign Language Course and my dream is to take more sign language courses in Russian, Chinese and more in order to set up and run my own sign language business. By taking courses in other languages, I will have the opportunity to take the business anywhere and make it successful.

What’s coming up this year?

I’m getting married in August which I’m equally excited and nervous about 🙂

What have you learnt so far on your placement at dxw?

I have learnt how to structure my work in a way that allows me to achieve more. This could be things like how to have a flexible timetable that allows me to be adaptable in my work whilst supporting the rest of the dxw team.

How about outside of work?

I love watching the snooker!

How have you found your first month at dxw?

It’s been unlike anything I expected! The people here are focussed and committed despite the lack of a formal dress code. It’s a great relaxed atmosphere which is great to work in. I’m just looking forward to doing more with the rest of the team.

In terms of future progression, I would like to do an excel training course, or even a Google Suite course to learn more about the systems used by dxw. In addition to this, I would like to get to know more about all of the different clients that dxw work with and how dxw improve public sector services.

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