Blog posts by bob walker

  • Keeping websites up and running when under pressure

    Most websites come under pressure at some point so I’ve shared some of the approaches we take to making sure sites are able to cope with spikes in traffic.

  • What happens when something goes wrong

    We thought it would be helpful to explain what happens when something goes wrong with a service or website that we manage.

  • A Summary of Scale Summit

    Recently I attended my first Scale Summit, which is mostly a day of Open Spaces where people discuss how to run things at scale without necessarily having to cover the basics. This is because most attendees will already be working at scale. All of the discussions are under Chatham House rules, so the Summit is […]

  • Introducing Bob Walker

    Hi, I’m bob walker and I recently joined dxw from GDS. At GDS I was head of the Web Operations community where my main role was the pastoral care of the 20 or so civil servants within the community at GDS. As I would say to people “I don’t care when they take holiday, I […]