One stressed product manager, and the magic number 3

Maybe it’s just me, but there seems to be some sort of obsession with the number 3. Some of the greatest movies are trilogies (Lord of the Rings, no arguments there). Harry Potter had a Triwizard tournament. France had Three Musketeers. There’s a really useful liberating structure called Troika Consulting based on working in 3’s… […]

Make the space and hold the space: letting service design happen

I was inspired to write this blog post by a quote from Matt Edgar, Head of Design at NHS Digital, at the Service Design in Government conference last month: “Before service design can happen, we need to make the space and hold the space.” At dxw, we have seen many examples where suppliers or new […]

Introducing Ert

Hello everyone! My name is Ert, and last month I joined dxw digital as a product manager. I had an amazing first day, and was spoiled with loads of warm welcome messages, gifts and heaps of interesting conversations. You can tell so much about the company culture on your first day, and I must say […]