What we’re doing about diversity and inclusion

In our playbook, we have a diversity and inclusion statement but we recognise that we need to do more all the time to make that a reality. That’s why we also have a diversity and inclusion group. The group make changes to help people feel included and to welcome and encourage more diversity in dxw. […]

Pronouns: what are they good for?

dxw digital’s diversity and inclusion statement says: “We value people and want them to feel free to be themselves…We recognise individual needs and aim to provide a work environment that is accessible, welcoming, and empowering for all. We want everyone to feel supported and included in our wider community.” That means using the right pronouns. […]

Introducing F

Hello, I’m F. Before joining dxw as a developer, I made games and websites for love and profit. I’ve been employed by and done work for a number of startups, but most recently, I was Lead Developer at Sensible Object, making physical-digital games augmented by Amazon Alexa. The switch to public sector work was motivated […]