Managing stress and other demons

Back in May 2017 I decided to write a blog post for Mental Health Awareness Week and ended up letting the whole of the interwebs and the office about my own struggle with mental health. I didn’t really go into much detail about it and hoped everyone would ignore it, as I had done for […]

Diversity at dxw

‘Diversity’ has become the buzzword in offices around the UK in recent years, including here at dxw, and it’s been a learning curve for many people and a source of frustration for others. Hiring and Inclusivity Hiring people from different backgrounds is not the main issue of contention here, it’s providing the path of least […]

2017 dxw annual retreat!

Retreat! (No, not that kind, come back….come baaaacccckkk!) As part of our Sisyphean task to continue to improve everything dxw, we headed off on our annual retreat at The Olde Bell in Hurley, Berks.   Whilst the surroundings were familiar to those who attended the previous year, the format of the retreat was organised this […]

Today I learned (or learnt!)…

Today I learned – TIL We have a Slack channel, which I’m sure most of you have, which is dedicated to sharing cool hints and tips that we have found out during our working day.  This is the TIL channel and it sometimes throws up some pretty useful things as well as some pretty obvious […]

Silicon Milkroundabout May 2017

Over the weekend, a few of the people here at dxw are heading to Silicon Milkroundabout which is being held at The Old Truman Brewery on Brick Lane. This is a tech-specific recruitment event that we first attended last year. We met a lot of very enthusiastic and skilled people that came along to our […]

That stuff in your head? It really does matter

Hey everybody, It’s Mental Health Awareness Week so I have a confession to make to you all: I have the loathsome combination of depression and anxiety. Sometimes I find it really hard to even motivate myself out of the horizontal position I am in due to the crushing nature of it all. Yay! I live […]

In the Port of Amsterdam

  After having had the opportunity to go the the Women of Silicon Roundabout conference in October, I found out from one of the speakers that there was a European Women in Tech event taking place in Amsterdam at the end of November. I hadn’t at this point managed to work out which conference to […]

Out of Office

We did another retreat last month and it was great for many reasons. Nineteen dxw’ers headed to Hurley, a small village just outside Maidenhead, via trains, planes and automobiles. We stayed at the beautiful Olde Bell Coaching Inn for a couple of nights in an attempt to get out of the office and discuss how to […]