Blog posts by Lily Dart

  • Moving on

    At the end of March I’ll be moving on from dxw. When I was hired by dxw three years ago, I was the fifth staff member. My original job description was to focus on user experience and front-end web development, but as the company grew, my role evolved with it. Since then dxw has grown […]

  • 5 tips we give clients before their first user research session

    The preparation that leads up to doing a piece of user research is often as important as the research activity itself. Getting participants who are representative of your users, who aren’t accidentally prepped with expectations that might influence them, is key to getting maximum value out of a session. There are a few issues that […]

  • ONS data storytelling platform

    We are very excited to begin the first sprint for the new data storytelling platform for ONS this week. Matt Jukes has written a great blogpost about it, which explains how the project has come into being. As Matt says, the focus during this project will be on fulfilling the needs of Inquiring Citizen persona. […]

  • Winning at National Hack the Government 2013

    Saturday was the Rewired State National Hack the Government Day hack day, which dxw were sponsoring. Harry and I went along to meet the attendees and join the hard working teams of hackers. There were a huge range of interesting data sets to choose from, but Harry had a promising idea about a set from […]

  • The inaugural #digitalwomen Tea Camp

    On Tuesday it’s the first #digitalwomen Tea Camp with @thewomensroom. Harry and I will be attending, and we’ll also both be talking briefly on our own experiences surrounding the gender divide in digital. The focus of this event is not just on highlighting areas where there are still inequalities, but on what we can do […]