Cabinet Office: building the GOV.UK campaigns platform

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The Government Digital Service (GDS) wanted to bring a level of consistency and efficiency to the campaign websites that government produces, so they asked dxw to help them build a platform for non-technical civil servants to build and deliver campaign sites.


The new platform is now live and hosting high profile government campaigns like the iconic Fire Kills campaign.


Since the start, dxw were the only company that could meet our needs in terms of build, costs and timescales. dxw have continued this high level of service through their hosting, with any issues being resolved quickly and efficiently.”

Government Policy Team

What we did

We began by developing a prototype to test with teams across government, drawing on our past experience of creating campaign sites.

We then developed an alpha service and ran further usability testing. During this testing, we focussed particularly on ensuring the service could be used by people with lower levels of digital literacy.

As a result, we were able to build a platform that enables all teams to make impactful campaign websites – easily publishing videos, case studies, images, social media links, and call to action buttons.

We’re continuing to iterate based on feedback and experiences.