1. The dxw WordPress security plugin

    Following up on recent posts by Duncan and myself on WordPress security, it’s probably about time I told you about the dxw WordPress security plugin. This plugin pulls in the data from the dxw WordPress plugin security reviews site, and embeds them in your site, right in the plugins page in your dashboard. This provides […]

  2. Customising your WordPress dashboard with screen options

    As introduced in my previous post, there are lots of ways that the WordPress editing environment can be customised to meet your individual needs. One sight criticism of WordPress as it has developed over the years is that it has become a rather complicated beast, with lots of different options – many of which may be […]

  3. The WordPress editing window

    If you’re a content focused person, there’s a good chance you spend quite a lot of your time in the WordPress editing screen. The main focus of this screen is of course the editing window – that sometimes rather intimidating box that you fill up with words, links, pictures and videos to create your posts […]

  4. Avoiding plugin security nightmares

    One of the fantastic things about WordPress and the wider ecosystem that surrounds it is the way you can extend your WordPress site to do cool stuff using plugins. The official WordPress plugin repository has tens of thousands of options for adding functionality to your site, many of which are terrifically useful. However, choosing the […]

  5. I’m Dave and I’m going to be blogging about WordPress

    Hello gang! I’m Dave and I’m going to be blogging here at DXW about WordPress and how it can be used in government. I’m going to be covering tips and tricks to make the most of all of WordPress’ great features, as well as pointing out some of the areas where people go a bit […]