1. Growing our WordPress development, hosting, and support business

    We’re growing our leading WordPress development, hosting and support service, by taking on business from our friends at Helpful Digital.

  2. Upgrading our WordPress sites to 5.0

    WordPress 5.0 was released on and it contains a lot of significant changes, but the biggest one is a new editor interface, called “Gutenberg”.

  3. SPA Conference – Day 2: overcoming hurdles and reaching goals as a developer

    Read about the first day here Session 1: ‘What would YOU Call This Workshop?’ And Other Powerful Questions by Tim Bourguignon & Amitai Schleier It was really useful to look at the kinds of questions we generate. For example, I noticed that I tend to formulate closed questions. Closed questions aren’t necessarily “bad” or unhelpful, […]

  4. TiL: what we’ve been learning this summer…

    Back in June, we introduced you to our ‘Today I learned’ channel. The channel has been buzzing with activity of late, so here are a few of the latest lessons we’ve been learning. Enjoy! Let it go… Life of (Raspberry) PI Learning Japanese… New feature in OpenSSH: Thanks, Deliveroo! The beauty of idioms… Mind-blowing Adobe XD! […]

  5. XSS in WordPress: a tutorial

    One of the most common vulnerabilities in WordPress plugins is cross site scripting – XSS for short. The basic premise of XSS is that an attacker is able to cause JavaScript to run in somebody else’s browser, while they’re on a website that the attacker shouldn’t be able to control. By the end of this, […]

  6. It’s London Tech Week! Take a look at how we’ve been improving the NHS England site

    This week is London Tech Week in the capital, so we thought we’d bring you some updates on the projects we’ve been working on this year at dxw – first up the improvements and changes we’ve made to the NHS England site. In 2003 when the NHS Commissioning Board became NHS England, they approached us […]