In dxw’s early years we worked on many consultation, campaign and informational sites. These included:

● IPSA’s consultation on MPs’ expenses in the wake of the expenses scandal
● The Potters Bar rail crash inquest
● The Prime Minister’s consultation on establishing a GNP-like measure for national well-being

In this work, as with all our work since, we used agile methodologies, and tried to help government teams adapt to this way of working. This was at a time where agile working in government was very uncommon, often done under the radar and was challenging to procure and deliver.

After the change of government in 2010, our focus shifted to intranets and tools to improve efficiency. We developed intranets for numerous departments and several sites for cross-government working. This included:

● The first cross-government community for Agile practice
● A community site for the Government Communications Network, which has since evolved into GCS
● Tooling for the Government Digital Service to help catalogue user needs on government sites, used during the transition to GOV.UK

MoJ Homepage screenshot

Our successes in these projects lead us to expand and win more work. During the coalition government, we expanded our staff and took on more prominent projects. This included:

● The website for the Judiciary of England & Wales
● NHS England’s corporate website
● BLOG.GOV.UK, the platform for all central government blogging and the first component of GOV.UK developed and managed by an external supplier

We also learned that it is possible to influence government policy for the better from the outside. We led the charge against the Digital Services Framework when it was proved unfit for purpose, helping to create the momentum which led to the much-improved Digital Outcomes & Specialists framework.

In more recent years, our focus has shifted to work that is more explicitly transformational. We now seek to take on work which has some transformational element, and we include the teams, processes and vision of client organisations in the scope of our work. We aim to help teams and organisations become more capable and digital.

MyTVH wireframe

This shift was motivated by the reality that technology alone cannot solve the problems that the public sector faces. We’re now working on projects that give us the opportunity to influence process, planning, strategy and professional culture as well. For example:

● We delivered a discovery phase for NHS Jobs, to help plan what the next iteration of the NHS’s national recruitment strategy should be
● We are developing transactional services for Thames Valley Housing Association which have caused a significant shift to digital from more expensive channels
● We built a new campaigns platform for GDS that will be used for most central government campaigns, resulting in ~£700k savings per annum

We believe that it is possible for government to become something recognisably, radically better. Over the years we have used as much influence as we can muster to make that happen in whatever ways we are able.

We now have a capable, multidisciplinary team, mature processes and a flourishing culture of our own. With the projects we’re now delivering, we feel more able than ever to influence the decisions of our clients for the better.

Our team

Harry Metcalfe Managing Director

Harry Metcalfe


David Mann

David Mann

Managing Director

Clare Young - Head of Delivery

Clare Young

Head of Delivery

Poss Apostolou

Head of Commercial Operations

Coca Rivas Interim Head of Research

Coca Rivas

Head of Strategy & Service Design

Lee Maguire

Head of Technical Operations

Dominic Baggott Head of Technology

Dominic Baggott

Head of Technology

Wendy Coello

Head of Marketing & Communications

Saul Cozens

Head of Northern Operations

John Waterworth

Head of User Research

Jayne Hilditch

Finance Director

Vanessa Montgomery Williams

People & Business Operations Manager

Leanne Garvie

Leanne Garvie

Finance Manager

Gurpreet Kataria

Commercial Operations Manager

Alex Farley - Business Development Manager

Alex Farley

Business Development Manager

Andrew Wallace User Researcher

Andrew Wallace

Bid Manager

Jane Hewitt

Marketing & Communities Manager

Farrah Farhoudi

Executive Assistant

Roisin McArdle Holmes

Executive Assistant

Liam Hooker

People & Business Operations Administrator

Rebecca Hodges

Business Support Assistant - Leeds

Regan Katerenchuk

Marketing & Communities Assistant

Stephanie Ojeaga

Office Assistant

Stacey Phillips

Delivery Lead

Alex Jackson

Delivery Lead

Isobel Croot Delivery Manager

Isobel Croot

Delivery Lead

Niall Booth

Delivery Lead

Chris Pugh

Delivery Lead

Ellie Craven Product Manager

Ellie Craven

Product Manager

Ert Erol

Product Manager

Alex Yedigaroff

Transformation Manager

Leanne Coker

Service Designer

Marianne Brierley

Senior User Researcher

Hilary Chan

User Researcher

Vita Mangan

User Researcher

Amy Phillips Trainee User Researcher

Amy Marie Phillips

User Researcher

Samantha Obioha User Researcher

Samantha Obioha

User Researcher

Katherine Glaubius

User Researcher

bob walker System Operations Engineer​

Bob Walker

Senior Operations Engineer

Chris Wright

Operations Engineer

Olivia Campbell

Trainee Operations Engineer

Gaz Aston

Lead Designer

Agz Deberny - Designer Developer

Agz Deberny


Meyric Rawlings Designer Developer

Meyric Rawlings


Ming Chan


Israt Choudhury


Ed Davey Senior Developer

Ed Davey

Senior Developer

Mallory Adams


Tom Hipkin

Senior Developer

Cristina Rotaru


Robert (Leeky) Lee-Cann


Rob Skilling


Robbie Paul


Laura Porter


Stuart Harrison