Jake’s work experience at dxw

Spending three weeks doing work experience at dxw has given me a great insight into the world of web design. dxw let me work with and learn from some really smart and friendly people. I came to dxw to see people using programming in their work and to get advice for what I should do, as I am new to coding but hoping to follow a similar career path. What I got was more than I expected. dxw has some of the nicest people I have met working for them. Not only were people happy to take time to explain what they did and what they were working on, they made an effort to teach me their trade.

Over the weeks I helped out with admin work which ranged from updating their client database to phoning up YMCA centres about hiring a room for a retreat and phoning restaurants about their Christmas menu in September. However I wasn’t just asked to do admin work. When I got a chance to bother some of the developers, they showed me how they code and let me barrage them with questions. They also gave me a chance to try some programming myself by teaching me HTML, SCSS and a bit of Ruby. This led to me writing my own web pages (which despite popular opinion, were amazing) and writing a Ruby application which sent information to a website and told it to ring my phone. I was also given the chance to sit in on a meeting discussing plans for their work on the ‘Exporting is Great’ website so I saw a behind the scenes look at the design process for one of their websites.

These great experiences left me feeling like an excited, spoilt toddler which is why I thoroughly recommend dxw to anyone thinking about work experience with an interest in becoming a programmer. This work experience gave me exactly what I was looking for and more; I got the actual experience and the technical advice. There are so many great people to meet and learn from at dxw. I have to thank every single one of them for letting me work there.

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