Keeping user research going in difficult times

How do we do good user research when we’re physically separated from the people we need to learn about

Tomorrow (Tuesday 24 March) I’m hosting a panel discussion with others working in UK public services to share what we’re all doing to keep user research going in these difficult times. Join us and representatives from the NHS, Scottish Government, Department for Education, Government Digital Service, and others.

Panel discussion

There are a number of topics we’ll be hoping to cover, but we’ll be taking questions and I’m sure you’ll have more ideas.

  • User research is essentially human work. We meet and learn about people. We work closely with colleagues to make sense of what we observe, and use what we learn to make better services. How do we continue to do good user research when we’re physically separated from the people we need to learn about and the people we need to work with?
  • Many of our colleagues in the public sector and in organisations working for the public good are under huge pressure to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Providing information, updating existing services, moving face to face services online, and even creating entirely new services. What user research should we be focussing on to make sure these services are effective and work well for the people who need them?
  • Other organisations are stopping many of their regular activities, freeing up staff for internal projects. How can we best help colleagues to make valuable improvements to our own organisations?
  • And these are difficult times for us all, emotionally and practically. We’re physically separated from colleagues, friends and family. We may be working in places and in ways that are less than ideal. As researchers, how should we be taking care of ourselves and others?

Tuesday 24 March, 10am to 11.30am

Join us on Zoom: