Blog posts by David Mann

  • Why we need to protect the Service Standard

    The Government Service Standard has done more to improve the quality of digital public services than anything else and should be protected at all costs.

  • Making bench contracts work

    I recently spoke to Public Technology about the future of government tech procurement and the potential difficulties SMEs face in bidding on so-called “bench contracts”.

  • The power of institutional memory

    Embracing the past can help you understand what worked and more importantly what failed so you can learn from it and embed that knowledge.  

  • Looking ahead to 2019

    dxw achieved some big milestones in 2018. We’re now 10 years old and for the first time, the team is well over 50 people.

  • dxw Returners’ Programme

    As dxw grows, we want to build an inclusive, diverse company based on our values. Simply put, we believe that diverse teams create better services. The diversity of thought we get from teams of people from different backgrounds means we can approach problems with greater empathy. One of the ways we can create more diverse […]

  • dxw in Leeds

    Opening in Leeds marks the beginning of an exciting new phase for dxw and our clients and I’d like to share the thinking behind the move. Expanding outside London dxw is here to help public sector teams make good technology decisions and build better services and we can better achieve this with truly national reach. […]