Blog posts by Harry Metcalfe

  • Leaving the EU

    We appear to be leaving the EU. This is an awful outcome. We’re going to have this moment of horror, but then we’re drawing a line under it.

  • User needs and campaign sites: some principles

    This morning at UK GovCamp 2016 we had a great session on government campaign sites, and how well user needs and user stories work for them as a mechanism to capture the things they need to do. We’ve done quite a lot of campaigns, and often, we struggle to express the user needs that they […]

  • How a Digital Services 3 procurement could look

    On Tuesday, I went to a supplier engagement session run by the Digital Marketplace team. It was great. The government CTO, Liam Maxwell, kicked the session off. Several of the team behind the Digital marketplace, G-Cloud and the Digital Services framework then explained what was going on, and described their thinking. I tweeted most of […]

  • Our cause is just, and must prevail

    It’s been a big few days. But let’s not lose perspective. Those who’ve recently left GDS will be sorely missed – by their colleagues, and by many others outside GDS as well. But five years is a long time to be in the machine. On reflection, it’s perhaps more of a surprise that so many […]

  • The Digital Services Framework: not quite buried, but certainly seems dead

    The Digital Marketplace team have just published their June update, and it’s a biggie. It covers lots of ground. Digital Services 1 and 2 look set to continue as they are, but there are several major announcements about progress on Digital Services 3. I say Digital Services 3, but it sounds a lot like that’s a framework […]

  • A vision for Digital Services 3

    A vision for Digital Services 3: building on the lessons of G-Cloud and abandoning some of our old assumptions.