A new MD for dxw digital

It’s ten years since I founded dxw. In that time, we’ve grown from humble beginnings to a full-fledged team of 40 brilliant developers, designers, product managers, delivery leads, user researchers, operations engineers and leaders. As the scope and scale of dxw’s work has evolved, I have found myself drawn to the more strategic challenges that […]

Two thoughts and a plea: reflections on #AgileP

I spent the morning at Agile Procurement 1.0, a short unconference set up by @rachel0404 and @gogoagilegov. It was a fun morning, with lots of interesting people and good conversation. But, as often with these events, I left wondering what we can actually do to effect some change. @janethughes in her usual inimitable style left […]

dxw launches cyber

2018 will be a big year for dxw. In June, we’ll be ten years old. We’ve learned a lot about how to get things done in the public sector in that time. We want to improve users’ experience of government, and help government teams work differently. But building great digital services is only part of […]

The Great British Digital Outcomes Armchair Audit

The Digital Outcomes and Specialists (DOS) framework launched in April 2016, replacing the Digital Services Framework (DSF). Both are attempts to make it easier to pay people to make new digital services for the public sector. The DSF was not very successful. DOS’s design is much better aligned with the way projects are delivered, and […]

What do we do to make dxw a great place to work?

I’m really chuffed that we won the Best Place to Work (SME) award at the Digital Tech Leaders Awards last week. At the awards dinner, one of our dining companions asked why dxw is a good place to work. I think the answer has two parts. The principles I believe that a team does its […]

Bridging the geek/policy wonk divide

Last week I was at One Team Government, an event to bring together digital teams and policy folk to talk about how to make government more effective. I went to a fascinating session, suggested by @jargonautical, about the digital geek/policy wonk divide. It’s a pattern I’ve often seen, especially in security and assurance work. People […]

Changes to the way we charge for GovPress hosting

From the end of this month, we’ll start generating GovPress invoices automatically, based on the usage data that your hosted service generates. This will start to affect invoices from 1st June onwards. We’ve been working on this change for a while, and are excited to tell you about the improvements this will bring. Why are we […]

Why we’re moving to a four-day week for client work

From the new year, dxw will be working on client projects from Monday-Thursday each week and using Friday for company-focussed work. We’ll start the first sprint of the new year on January 4th, so our first company Friday will be the 6th. We’ve been thinking about this change for a long time, and we think […]