Moving on

They say that all good things must come to an end, and that time has come for me. I’ll soon be leaving dxw to take up a role as Product Manager at Comic Relief. I’m sad to be leaving such a great team here at dxw, but I’m incredibly excited to be moving into a […]

GovPress: a relaunch for G Cloud 9

Here at dxw we practice what we preach, iterating and improving the services that we offer based on our users’ needs. With the latest iteration of G-Cloud now available we’ve relaunched our GovPress secure WordPress hosting platform with new support plans that better meet our users’ needs. GovPress will continue to be available  exclusively to […]

GovSite – an update

Whilst looking over dxw’s blog posts recently, I realised it has been some time since we’ve given an update on GovSite. When dxw last wrote about Govsite we described it as a flexible theme we had developed and made available for anyone to use. GovSite has since come a long way and is now available […]

PyCon UK

One of the many great things about working at dxw is that we all get a conference perk. This means that once a year we can choose to attend any conference that we’re interested in. For my perk, I chose to attend PyCon UK as python is something I started to spend my spare time […]

Introducing Sammy

Hi! I’m Sammy, the new Product Manager here at dxw. I spent my early working years in various marketing roles before I found my home as a Product Manager. I’m passionate about developing and managing user-focussed products, ones that fulfil a well-researched and understood user need. dxw has some fantastic products, like GovSite, a simple […]