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Finders are a filtered search, which are used by government departments and agencies for custom filtering on specialist content. This met DFID’s needs in terms of publishing large numbers of documents that could be easily searched and accessed by users.

We started the project by carrying out some user research. We spoke to users of the existing Research for Development website to understand their needs and pain points. Users included researchers as well as academics and practitioners, who all found it difficult to search for the specific piece of research they were after.

One of our biggest challenges was importing over 33,000 documents onto the GOV.UK platform. We worked as part of a co-located team with GDS to complete the build and migrate the data. We improved the user experience for searching documents published by DFID and developed a more efficient publishing process.

After a series of development sprints, we launched the new DFID research outputs finder on GOV.UK in time for DFID to decommission the old service. The finder has received positive feedback, including users within DFID who can now more easily publish this information.