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Working with the senior team at NHH, dxw facilitated strategy workshops where members of the team described their goals for the organisation. Taking these goals in turn, the NHH team were able to define the capabilities they would need to achieve them.

Once we’d built this roadmap, we set about mapping the landscape within NHH. dxw interviewed NHH staff from each area of the business to understand their user needs and the context they were operating in. This work helped us to understand what systems exist within NHH, and what user needs they meet.

Taking what we learnt, dxw created a map of all the different systems and how data passed between them. We demonstrated that as well as the “official” NHH systems, staff had developed their own workarounds to get their jobs done. Understanding these “shadow systems” helped us to understand the user needs that were going unmet by the organisation’s official systems.

We built on the results of this work to produce recommendations for their team, helping them to ensure that they started the transformation of their business with visible, tangible improvements that would be felt by staff and residents.