Conference Perk: Tech Inclusion San Francisco

At dxw, one of the perks everyone gets is the opportunity to attend a conference annually. Farrah and I both wanted to make the most of our conference perk and go to a new place. We fancied going to something techy, so last month we headed to San Francisco. We began thinking about what we […]

SPA Conference Report: Day 3

DAY 3 Well what would you do next…? – John Armstrong-Prior Making decisions is one of the most painful areas for me, in life and in work, so I felt I had to go to the workshop that would test and exercise this. It’s a constant battle whether to practice and exercise the things I […]

Service Design in Government memos

So the Service Design in Government conference came to an end. Sitting on a train back from Edinburgh, I have stopped to think about what to write for this post, whilst periodically peeking through the window admiring fantastic moving landscapes. Of course, the conference was great and Edinburgh is such a beautiful place (it was […]

Thank you, Edinburgh: Service Design in Government

I’m on a train from Edinburgh to London. The sun is out, Winter is over and I’m looking at some of the most gorgeous coastline we have in the UK. Team dxw have just had a wonderful few days at the annual Service Design in Government conference. We’re coming back with new ideas, new friends […]

How should delivery support and enable service design?

I’m at Service Design in Government, the annual conference that brings together people that are involved in designing and delivering public services. As a delivery manager, I’m here to not only meet some new people and find out about new tools or techniques dxw can use on projects. I also want to learn from others […]

Service Design in Government – but what is service design?

Service Design in Government, the conference for anyone involved in designing or commissioning services for the public sector, has kicked off today in Edinburgh. The conference brings together the very best speakers from both the public and private sector, who work in this space – sharing techniques and ideas via workshops and case studies over […]