Celebrating Ada Lovelace at dxw

This year, we’re celebrating Ada Lovelace Day to honour the pioneering women in technology and the public sector. Who was Ada Lovelace? Ada Lovelace, the daughter of Lord Byron, is considered to have written instructions for the first computer program in the mid-1800s. After translating an article by Charles Babbage, it’s often said that she […]

Proud sponsors of UK Health Camp 2017

This Saturday will see the third free Health Camp in the UK, bringing together healthcare professionals, policymakers and service managers with designers, digital specialists and technologists. The aim of UK Health Camp unconference is to make both health and care services better for everyone involved – patients, carers and health professionals across the board. The […]

How to communicate more effectively with colleagues

This summer we headed off to Birmingham to sponsor and take part in the CommsCamp unconference, where a converted warehouse played host to over 180 public sector PR, marketing and communications professionals. Throughout the day, a common theme that emerged was of the problems with internal communications in the public sector and how these can be […]

Our work with The Department for Education

We’ve recently partnered with the Department for Education to help improve how permanent teacher vacancies are advertised and filled. Schools have told the DfE that the teacher recruitment market is hugely complex; both for schools in publishing vacancies and for teachers searching for jobs.   Increased commercialisation and the use of agencies in the marketplace […]

TiL: what we’ve been learning this summer…

Back in June, we introduced you to our ‘Today I learned’ channel. The channel has been buzzing with activity of late, so here are a few of the latest lessons we’ve been learning. Enjoy! Let it go… Life of (Raspberry) PI Learning Japanese…     New feature in OpenSSH:   Thanks, Deliveroo!   The beauty of […]

Making the Most of Digital Social Innovation (DSI) at London Tech Week

Earlier this month I was lucky enough to land a ticket for the ‘Making the Most of Digital Social Innovation’ session being run as part of London Tech Week. Taking place at Nesta, the two panels focused on how organisations are using digital social innovation (DSI) to provide new ways to deliver public services and […]

Today I learned (or learnt!)…

Today I learned – TIL We have a Slack channel, which I’m sure most of you have, which is dedicated to sharing cool hints and tips that we have found out during our working day.  This is the TIL channel and it sometimes throws up some pretty useful things as well as some pretty obvious […]