Introducing Chris Pugh

The thing I enjoy most is helping a team of people get better

Hello! I’m Chris, and I’ve just started at dxw as a Delivery Lead in Leeds.

I actually started my professional life training to be an academic librarian, and have always loved helping people access information and complete tasks. But I also think it’s vital that you go to where people are and help them with the most important things, and as all of that increasingly happens through the internet, it made sense to move my career there too.

I’ve been working in digital for almost seven years now, both agency- and client-side, most recently as a Delivery Manager at GDS. The thing I enjoy most is helping a team of people get better and making the best possible product they can for their users. I’ve always found that that’s easiest in the public sector — for all its challenges, I’ve always found its possible to get people united on delivering real outcomes that help real people.

As much as I enjoy working in-house, I also love taking on new challenges and applying my experience to new projects, so moving to an agency committed to building better public services was the obvious next step. Since joining, I’ve already worked with our Govpress team on sites with a wide range of users, including NHS England’s — who we’ve been working with to present information to the public in an accessible and transparent way.

And I recently moved to the north, so our expansion in the North couldn’t have come at a better time. As we expand our scope to local government, and look to build on our work with housing associations and health organisations up here, joining dxw has given me the opportunity to take everything I’ve learned about helping teams solve problems for their users, and use them in as many different contexts as possible.