Blog posts by Hilary Chan

  • Leading global procurement reform by sharing the lessons learned from the Digital Marketplace

    At dxw, we’ve partnered with Oxford Insights, the Government Digital Service, the OECD and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for our first ever international project to explore how the United Kingdom can take the success of the Digital Marketplace and share those lessons globally. This project is part of a larger piece of work where […]

  • Making user research count

    Join us on March 13th for a user research workshop with Hilary Chan and Vita Mangan Format Interactive workshop with thought element and hands-on activities What you’ll learn Description Conducting user research is fundamental to designing good services, products, and experiences. This means speaking to your users, testing with your users, understanding the environment of […]

  • Introducing Hilary

    Hello, I’m Hilary, the newest user researcher to join dxw. Before joining dxw, I led the UX writing team and managed the digital help service for a global eReading company. I wore several hats during my tenure including product owner, editor-in-chief, and of course, user researcher. After years of working on product and content strategy […]