Good questions to kick off a discovery

When dxw digital start a new project, we usually run a roadmapping session with the organisation we’re working with. To structure the session we use a set of questions proposed by Jamie Arnold. These questions work well for alphas and betas where we know we’re designing and making a service. We’ve found that they don’t work […]

Planning impactful user research at UX in the City: Manchester

Last week I attended UX in the City: Manchester. It was a wonderful event – well organised with excellent speakers sharing great content. Planning impactful user research I’ve spent quite a lot of time during the last 10 years telling people that user research is great, and they should probably do some. That was important […]

From values to principles

principle, noun 1) a fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning. One of the things I love about dxw is our public Playbook and the set of Values it contains. As the Playbook says: “These are the values that we […]

My first week at dxw digital…

Well hello everyone! This is my second day at dxw digital. I’m still finding my feet. But I’ve been made to feel very welcome and the excellent induction materials have been very easy to work through. I’ve joined dxw as Head of User Research. So I’ll be looking to develop the user research practice here, help […]