A year in review by Poss Apostolou :)

I woke up today, my last day in the office in 2017, and felt compelled to reminisce about the past year. You see, from a personal point of view, 2017 has been fun. After 11 years in the Civil Service, I joined dxw in April. New faces and a different culture, but the same mission […]

My first three months at dxw

Thrown into the hustle and bustle at dxw from the get-go, my introductory blog post seems to have eluded me (I succeeded in avoiding it until it was mentioned to me a week ago). Fast forward three months, this is now my ‘how my three-month internship went’ blog post. (Breaking news: I have now been […]

How to communicate more effectively with colleagues

This summer we headed off to Birmingham to sponsor and take part in the CommsCamp unconference, where a converted warehouse played host to over 180 public sector PR, marketing and communications professionals. Throughout the day, a common theme that emerged was of the problems with internal communications in the public sector and how these can be […]

A fond farewell

After nearly two years at dxw, the time has come for me to move on. I have not been particularly good at writing blog posts for dxw. In fact, writing blog posts used to be a big part of a previous job, and then I only wrote about two per year. So when I was […]

TiL: what we’ve been learning this summer…

Back in June, we introduced you to our ‘Today I learned’ channel. The channel has been buzzing with activity of late, so here are a few of the latest lessons we’ve been learning. Enjoy! Let it go… Life of (Raspberry) PI Learning Japanese…     New feature in OpenSSH:   Thanks, Deliveroo!   The beauty of […]

2017 dxw annual retreat!

Retreat! (No, not that kind, come back….come baaaacccckkk!) As part of our Sisyphean task to continue to improve everything dxw, we headed off on our annual retreat at The Olde Bell in Hurley, Berks.   Whilst the surroundings were familiar to those who attended the previous year, the format of the retreat was organised this […]

Introducing Gaz…

Hey. I’m Gaz, and I’ve recently joined dxw as a designer and front-end developer. I’m here because I believe technology can bring about real change. I’m enthusiastic about rapid prototyping, simplicity, learning, and collaboration. In previous roles, I worked on fully-fledged production applications, prototypes to demonstrate and validate ideas, and internal tools to improve the […]

Today I learned (or learnt!)…

Today I learned – TIL We have a Slack channel, which I’m sure most of you have, which is dedicated to sharing cool hints and tips that we have found out during our working day.  This is the TIL channel and it sometimes throws up some pretty useful things as well as some pretty obvious […]